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Our Story

Wheat Field

Gary and Johnette

We have not always owned Sweet Peas in Bartlett.... We took ownership the beginning of 2013. We can honestly say our God is a good God and used friends of ours, Jim & Gail Minga, who owned Sweet Pea's Table in Olive Branch to train us in the business, and then made us an offer to good to refuse to own Sweet Pea's in Bartlett.... We believe it was God's plan for us and He used Jim & Gail to prepare us for one of the greatest blessings of our lives. Many of you in Oakland have ate in Bartlett and come on a regular basis. You have been asking us for several years to open a Sweet Pea's in Oakland. Over two years ago with Jim and Gail, we went to look at several locations in Oakland to possibly open a restaurant together. We even looked at the location we are now going in at before Raven & Lily went in...but neither location opened up to us, so we released it knowing it was not God's timing for us. Since that time, we have been approached by 2 other communities to open one, but the same thing it was just not the right time to do so... but out of the blue, Joe Perdue with BancorpSouth in Oakland called us to inform us the location we are now going into was available. We prayed and began to pursue it and things just fell into place, thus it is His timing for us to open our second location in Oakland... God's timing is always perfect and in order! We do not claim to own this business, God does, and for some reason He chose us to oversee it for Him. See our first priority is always to serve others first and do it as good as we know how, and hopefully the way He wants us to. We cannot ever say we have been perfect in doing so, and that there has never been mistakes made, but the blessing we have in Bartlett is the community and on a whole they have received us, love us and give us every opportunity to make things right. Customer Service and consistency in our food has been our rule for success and with a lot of God's grace.  We have no doubt Oakland is God's plan, not ours; and to walk in His plan, satan our enemy will do his best to shoot it down. But if we stay true to the purpose and plan God has for each of us, we will always walk in victory, because like the old hymnal, there is victory in Jesus! We love our First Responders, our Military, both active and Veterans and to give honor to whom honor is due we give all these people discounts. So Oakland ready or not we are being sent to serve you! Our prayer is you will fall in love with us as much as the majority of Bartlett has..... God bless!

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